Brake Service and Repairs


For all your brake services and repairs - brake pad replacements, disc rotor machining/replacement or if you require diagnosis - Petrie Mechanical Repairs in Petrie, Brisbane can get your problem fixed quickly, efficiently and without breaking the bank.


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Why Choose Us?

1. Fully qualified mechanics with the experience and knowledge to diagnose your problems and fix them properly

2. Conveniently located in Petrie

3. Locally owned and operated - we contribute to the local economy and you can too

4. We are backed by Repco ( a leading name in the industry ) and their nationwide warranty through the Repco Authorised Service Centre program


Our Brake Services Include:

  • All Brake servicing - ABS, Disc brakes, drum brakes, handbrakes
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Disc Rotor machining/replacement
  • Handbrake adjustments and shoe replacements
  • Brake drum machining/replacement
  • Brake shoes and wheel cylinder replacement
  • Brake fluid flush and refills
  • Inspection of brake lines


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Glossary of Brake Related Items:

ABS - stands for ' Anti-lock Braking System.' It is a system that helps the wheels maintain traction with the road

Brake Booster - System that reduces the amount of pedal pressure required to the stop the car. It uses the vacuum from the engine to boost the hydraulic force and passes it onto the brakes

Brake Caliper - part of the disc brake that houses the brake pad

Brake Fluid - Hydraulic fluid that transfers the force from the brake pedal being pressed down to the brakes

Brake Pads - Steel plates with friction material attached. These are pressed onto the disc rotor

Brake Rotors - part of the disc brake that the brake pads act upon

Disc Brakes - type of brakes usually found on the front wheels of a vehicle. Works by brake pads being pressed onto the disc rotor which slows and stops the vehicle.

Drum Brakes - Type of brake usually found on the rear wheels of a vehicle. Brake shoes press on the inside of the drum when engaged and slow down the vehicle.


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