Log Book service


What is a Log Book Service?

When you buy a new car you are supplied with a manufacturers Log book. This Log book the guide to your car’s recommended service intervals, procedures and inspection points. It lays out exactly what should be serviced, replaced or inspected on your new car, how often and when according to the people who actually made you vehicle.


Why do I need a Log book Service?

By following those Log Book’s guidelines you will be maintaining your vehicle in the safest, most reliable state. It will also mean your car is kept in its peak performance state – extending the life of your car and avoiding any nasty, unexpected breakdowns or repairs.

By following your car’s log book schedule you will also maintain a higher resale value if you ever decide to sell your car. Your log book history also becomes peace of mind for the buyer, because it outlines the full car service and repair history. People will be happier to buy your car – and pay a good price - knowing that it has been fully maintained to the manufacturers standards and that the car they are about to buy is safe and in the best working condition.


Do I have to only go to the Dealer who sold me my new car in order to get a Log book Service or to maintain my Statutory New Car Warranty ?
New car dealers don’t have the right to void your statutory new car warranty because you had services or repairs done at a service centre other than the dealership. You have the right to go to any mechanic or car service centre you choose to get your regular Log book servicing. You should however, ensure that the selected car service centre employs fully qualified mechanics and technicians, and that the services performed meet manufacturer’s specifications and quality parts are used. Some extended warranties do have restrictions on where you get your car service and you should always check your warranty.


Where to get your Log book service…
At Petrie Mechanical Repairs – you can rest assured that with Repco’s Auto-Tech training - all of our mechanics are fully trained with knowledge in the most modern vehicle technology and diagnostic techniques. Our car service and repair work conforms to strict quality guidelines and we use quality Repco parts. Our work is covered by the Repco Warranty for up to 12 months or 20,000 kilometres.


For more information about New car warranty and your right to choose your mechanic or service centre for your log book servicing - download the ACCC information guide at

Or watch our Repoc Auto facts video to find out more about You statutory new car warranty and your right to choose your repairer



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